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2023 CRE Midlands

The APi Sound & Visual team will be exhibiting on stands A11 and A15 at the CRE Midlands from 8 to 9 November 2023 at Cranmore Park in Solihull, Birmingham.

8-9 November 2023
CRE Midlands (Cranmore Park, Solihull, Birmingham)

Stands A11 & A15

Stephen Neath, Sound & Visual Technican APi Sound & Visual talking to client at CRE

The APi Sound & Visual team will be exhibiting on stands A11 and A15 at the CRE Midlands from 8 to 9 November 2023 at Cranmore Park in Solihull, Birmingham.

Join hundreds of local church leaders, officers and anyone involved in Christian work and ministry in this one-stop shop for church supplies, resources and ideas.

This will be a great opportunity to ask Andy and the team any questions you might have and gain free expert knowledge and advice.

We would love to see you there.

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We are recruiting an Audio-Visual Engineer to enrich our installation team. If you think you have the skills, then please get in touch.

You will be installing bespoke audio-visual systems for a variety of customers of which at least 80% are in the church market, with the remaining 20% split between the Education, visitor attraction and commercial sectors. You will be working with a well-established engineering team based in Exeter with a mixture of local work and travelling to areas typically Southern England, Wales, London and Home Counties. You will be expected to stay away whilst on jobs typically more than 2 hours from Exeter and this will involve periods of being away from home.

This role may suit someone who already has extensive experience in the audio-visual sector or someone who has practical or technical skills from a related field. You must be able to work in a team and be keen to learn new skills from experienced staff but also be able to complete tasks independently.

Essential Criteria:

A clean driving licence is essential and all candidates will have to pass an enhanced DBS check to remain in the post due to regular work in the education sector.

Good health - The role is a physical one whilst on site and often requires working at height, manual handling of equipment and fixing to walls and ceilings.

Strong IT skills - especially in networking and streaming are desirable, with an interest in gaining some programming knowledge. 

Construction/practical skills - in the course of a project it is often necessary to use metal and woodworking skills.

A large part of installations involves running cabling to equipment, so an eye for detail will be necessary to ensure this is completed to a high standard.

Problem-solver who is able to work flexibly.

Confident and listening communicator.

The confidence to deal with customers is essential and skills in managing customer expectations will often be required.

Desirable Criteria

We welcome applications from people who have experience in the electrical installation trade or have held a position in a practical discipline.

Experience in live sound and video distribution plus basic networking and a general interest in technology.

We use the Google Ecosystem for all our internal systems, so familiarity with Google Drive would be beneficial.

10-14 April 2023
Spring Harvest Festival (Butlins, Minehead)

The Spring Harvest Festival held in April at Butlins, Minehead will be an opportunity for APi Sound & Visual to engage with the church in the exhibition space.  This longstanding event is an annual source of inspiration and spiritual refreshment for the church. 

Visitors of all ages enjoy worship and community plus the holiday atmosphere.
Tickets are selling fast, so if you would like to attend please contact Spring Harvest.

CRE National
11-13 October 2022
Sandown Park, Surrey
Stand J6

APi Communications will be exhibiting from Stand J6 at the forthcoming CRE National 11-13 October 2022 at Sandown Park, Surrey.

Described as a one-stop shop for church resources, supplies and ideas; it’s a great opportunity for some free and practical advice in relation to your AV system and to meet some truly inspiring people!

As an exhibitor, we are pleased to offer FREE tickets to the exhibition (worth £8 on the door).

To book simply click on the following link:



Visit us on Stand J6 at the Christian Resources Exhibition for a chance to win a Studiomaster all-in-one digital mixer!

To enter all you have to do is :
Register your details with the APi team on Stand J6 at the CRE National between 11-13 October 2022, completing all questions in our survey.

One lucky winner will be randomly selected (24.10.22) and contacted by direct message. The winner will be announced on APi’s Facebook page.  All entrants must be UK residents aged 18+.

For more information about the exhibition please go to http://creonline.co.uk

Be sure to come and say hello to Andy and the team on Stand J6, we hope to see you there!

APi Sound & Visual will be exhibiting at the Christian Resources Exhibition (CRE) this October.  Described as a one-stop shop for church resources, supplies and ideas, CRE National 2021 is held 12th – 14th October.

Come and visit us on stand J6, and find out how we can help your church get its message across.  We design and install sound and projection systems, as well as streaming systems.

It takes place at Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey.  Situated only 15 miles from central London, Sandown Park is easily accessible by rail and road and parking is free.

As an exhibitor, we are able to offer free tickets to the exhibition, worth £8 on the door.  To book simply click HERE

For more information about the exhibition go to http://creonline.co.uk

We look forward to seeing you.
To save you money and the embarrassment of batteries that fail mid service, all of our systems are supplied with charging docks and rechargeable batteries.

The transmitter packs are simply slotted into the charger and left ready for the next use. You can then be confident that they won't let you down, and also be saving the environment and money.

If these ever need replacement we will send you a new pair free of charge for the lifetime of the system.

Our systems are designed for the slightly lower cell voltage of rechargeables so will give a predictable 10 hours plus of service between charges, unlike other brands which should only be used with alkaline batteries.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could provide your church with a rechargeable radio microphone system, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.
One such device is a sign that lights up to indicate that a hearing loop system installed into a meeting space (room, hall, church) is working.

Hearing loops turn an incoming audio signal from a microphone say into magnetic field that can be turned back into speech by a hearing aid with the necessary function (called a ‘T’position, hence hearing loops being referred to as ‘T’ loops by some users). This enables the person to hear directly from the speaker using the microphone and not have to hear the background noise in the room which makes intelligibility so difficult for them.

This new sign contains a loop receiver and progressively lights up a hearing loop symbol to indicate that the loop is working and broadcasting at the correct level. This is a vast improvement on a simple sticker or light up sign (just indicating that the system is switched on but no more).

For users it is a very obvious indicator of a correctly working and available system and for venue operators a confidence sign that their provision under the Human Rights Act is functioning.

It is amazing how often a faulty loop system is only pointed out to the operators after someone has missed an important event through not hearing. This handy device should give both confidence.

We can retrofit these to any loop system as they can be mounted anywhere within the area of coverage where there is a power socket. The system should have a full check and calibration during the fitting process to ensure that the sign unit is correctly indicating loop operation.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could assist your church with an induction loop indicator, or an induction loop system, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.

LED Laser and hybrid projectors have been with us for sometime and initially promised much more than they delivered as regards colour fidelity which was pretty appalling. They usually favoured green over red. This proved acceptable to the lower end of the education market, where the low running costs ie no replacement lamps, rather than the lower energy costs were a decision driver.

Now the market has matured somewhat and even the entry level products are producing good images, with the higher level units giving excellent results.

So what are the deciding factors now when choosing laser over lamped units?

Currently there is still a considerable percentage difference in the cost of laser above lamp within all levels of the market, typically adding 30 to 50% to the purchase price.  So what decision you make depends on your usage pattern:

If you are running everyday for several hours you are going to be replacing lamps on a regular basis. So the total cost of ownership is going to be heavily influenced by the cost of lamps, and possibly by the additional cost of access and installation of the lamps if your projector is sited at high level. Using a laser based product in these circumstances would definitely be a good idea if you can stand the initial purchase cost.

For those with less demanding usage requirements the decision is slightly harder, as in many cases, such as churches where use can be confined to a few hours a week, the original lamp may well be the only one in the life of the projector. With technology and resolutions moving so fast, many customers prefer to change the projector rather than fit an expensive lamp in an out of warranty unit.

However where this equation changes is in a situation where the projector is mounted in a location that is difficult or expensive to access safely.  If you have to factor in the cost of two technicians and a scaffold tower or powered lift, then a laser unit with 10,000+ hours of laser life and a long life or filterless design becomes very attractive.

Add to this the advantage of laser technology that overcomes the traditional lamp issue of rapid reduction in light output after around 50% of lamp hours, and the declining cost or laser projectors, laser becomes an attractive alternative.

Some projector brands are already saying that in two years they will not be selling a lamped projector in the UK, having replaced all of their product with laser alternatives.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could assist your church with a laser projector, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.


Digital mixing desks have been in widespread existence since 1987 when Yamaha introduced their first digital desks. From then until about 10 years ago they were seen as the province of the recording studio or touring company.

Since this time with processing power ever increasing and manufacturing costs decreasing they have filtered down further into the whole of the market place. In the last few years pricing has fallen further so now they are a serious option and worth paying a small amount more for.

Digital mixing desks have all of the same functions of an analogue desk but many incorporate additional features such as graphic equalisers, compressors, and other effects that would normally require a stack of additional black boxes and cables to achieve.

Lets first look at why you might not have considered a digital desk in the first place:

    • Not aware of this as an option
    • More expensive option
    • Perceived as possibly more complicated
    • Adds features not seen as important in church operations
    • We don’t need studio quality digital sound in our church.

Now let’s look at some of the disadvantages of analogue mixers:

    • Too many knobs and faders to be easily understood and operated
    • Inexperienced users fiddle with controls and make things worse
    • Bulky units that have to live out in the church to be operated
    • Covered in sticky labels to show what controls what
    • Controls get ‘noisy’ living in an often damp environment

Ok so I have described what they are and some of the attributes, let’s look at why now is a great time to buy digital for your new system.

Your prime concern is ease of use but you need more inputs than a traditional ‘one knob per input’ mixer amplifier can offer we can supply units with a simple user interface from 8 to 32 inputs and beyond without getting buried in hundreds of knobs you don’t use but if set in the wrong place can trip you up.

Every time you use your current system the previous user has changed settings and you want a simple way to go back to the default ones All digital desks have multiple memories that can simply be recalled at a single button push or by turning the power off and on.

You would like to be able to have wireless control over the system so that you can sit anywhere or the minister can operate it from their seat, this is also good for security as the mixer is safely locked away. All mainstream digital mixers have wireless control apps that work with a variety of tablet computers.

You would like a simple way of recording services without having a rack full of equipment Most digital mixers have a record to USB stick function. Your music group would like to have individual control of their foldback (monitor) levels Up to 10 tablets or smart phones can be connected to allow for individual control.

You would like to have a variety of options for where your stagebox for music group input connections could be located to give flexibility for different services and events Some mixers are completely wireless and take the place of the traditional stagebox, others have a single low cost connection using network cable from the mixer to digital stagebox allowing several low cost connection points to be installed.

APi Sound & Visual has wide experience in the church market and our staff use a variety of digital mixers in their own worship settings. Our systems are always focussed to deliver the best match to our customers requirements and operational skills.

We have close cooperation from our three main brands Mackie, Yamaha and Allen and Heath so that we can offer the most appropriate solutions.

So returning to our list of objections to digital we can now say:

  • You have more of an awareness of the options available
  • Yes digital is slightly more expensive, but you get a lot more in the box eg. Recorder, equaliser etc.
  • The user interface is more straightforward with generally less controls presented (others not required or set up on installation are out of sight)
  • You will never use all of the functions but being able to group channels and save all of your settings is a lifesaver if someone has been fiddling.
  • Studio sound quality processing comes as standard no one ever complained that the sound was too good.

And looking back to the disadvantages of analogue, digital offers:

  • Less non essential controls on the surface, and return to default setting with stored memory.
  • Unique simple user interfaces can be created with only the useful controls displayed.
  • With wireless control the mixer can be in the vestry or the choir area.
  • With control via tablet the input channels are clearly labelled on screen and can change when different memorised service setups are recalled. Eg. you can save the best settings for each musician and these can be applied to any channel.
  • With all controls being digital encoders these products are more resilient in damp environments.

Digital mixers now offer far more value for money and a more flexible and simpler user experience with complete backup of important settings.

Please contact Andy on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online to discuss your needs.

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