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Can you use a 4g router to stream?

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Can you use a 4g router to stream?

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Essentially yes, But and it's a big but, there are a lot of defining factors that determine if you can or can't. In this article we will dive into the world of 4G routers and how they can enable streaming and a lot more. 

So what are some of the pros and cons of using 4G to stream? 


  1. Mobility and Flexibility:
  • Enables streaming from any location with a strong 4G signal, allowing flexibility in choosing the setup location within the church.
  1. Quick Setup and Installation:
  • Simple and quick installation compared to fixed broadband, making it convenient for temporary or mobile setups.
  1. Reliability in Remote Areas:
  • Ideal for churches in rural or remote areas where traditional internet infrastructure may be limited or unreliable.
  1. Redundancy for Backup:
  • Acts as a reliable backup in case of primary internet failure, ensuring uninterrupted streaming during important church events.
  1. Ease of Use:
  • Generally user-friendly, with plug-and-play options available, reducing the need for extensive technical expertise.


  1. Data Limits and Costs:
  • Limited data plans may result in additional costs or the need to monitor data usage carefully to avoid 
  1. Network Congestion:
  • Speed and performance may be affected during peak usage times or in areas with high network congestion, potentially impacting the quality of the live stream.
  • As local users are all sharing the bandwidth from the nearby tower connection speeds can vary by a factor of 10x within minutes. There is no guaranteed minimum bandwidth unlike a wired connection.
  1. Variable Signal Strength:
  • Signal strength can vary based on location and external factors, leading to potential fluctuations in streaming quality. So often if you are out of reach of a wired connection you may also be in a poor 4G area.
  1. Security Concerns:
  • Using public 4G networks may pose security risks, and additional measures may be required to secure the livestream and protect sensitive information.
  1. Equipment Costs:
  • Initial costs for purchasing a 4G router and associated equipment may be higher compared to traditional wired setups.
  1. Dependence on Cellular Coverage:
  • Livestream quality is contingent on the availability and strength of the cellular signal, which may be challenging in some locations.

In conclusion, like with most things it depends on the circumstances. If you are a rural church with no internet connection then yes 4G streaming could be the answer for you. But a good wired connection is always the gold standard. Another alternative might be a microwave link to a building which has a wired broadband connection. For example there may be a church office in a building that has a good connection. If there is line of sight between this and the church, even if it is up to 1Km away a low cost microwave link can bring high speed connectivity to the door.

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