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Live Streaming Quick Start Guide

Quickstart Guide to Web Streaming on YouTube Using a PC and Webcam or Laptop with Integrated Webcam
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Here is a Quickstart Guide to Web Streaming on YouTube Using a PC and Webcam or Laptop with Integrated Webcam which is written by APi's MD Andy Pidsley.

Go to your YouTube channel if you have one set up, if you already have a Gmail account then this is your login.  Just start YouTube and login (click the little circular icon top right, this may have your logo or some image in it)

You need to verify your account to be able to stream, this takes 24 hours to come through. To do this click on the camera symbol and follow the instructions. If your account is already verified then continue.

Download OBS studio

Install it.

Watch this video and follow the instructions, you will need to pause because it is fast paced (sorry about the in-your-face style) 

A note about audio - this is the most important part of your content, so if you can use an external mic with your computer this is best. Keep as close as you can to the microphone especially in reverberant spaces to reduce the amount of reverberation on the stream.

You can schedule your ‘broadcast’ on YouTube and create a recurring time slot. Make sure you are up and running before time so that viewers know they have come to the right place.

This may be an installed system normally used for recording or enlarging the activity at the front of the church onto your big screen, or a camcorder or digital camera with HDMI video output.

You will need to follow the steps above but importantly you need a video capture device with HDMI input to get the camera image into your laptop (computers often have an HDMI output for monitors but never an input).

Choosing a capture device can be difficult as many of the cheaper ones only work with 60Hz video sources as they are designed for the American market. Please seek our advice on this. The best of these also have audio input connections so that you can take a feed from your sound system as well.

Bear in mind that you will need a reasonably recent laptop with USB2 or type 3 sockets on, if it is more than 4 years old it might not be up to the job. 

You will also need the correct cable to get sound from your sound mixer into the adaptor otherwise you will get a picture but no sound. Alternatively a USB equipped microphone will do the job. Again we can offer specific advice on this.

The settings for YouTube and OBS will be the same as above but you will have to choose this capture device by name during the OBS software setup instead of the laptop camera.. You will also have to make sure that the audio settings on OBS are set for the capture device or a microphone or microphone adaptor plugged into your PC.

These other links also have valuable information.  Please note these sites are not associated with APi and the links are provided for information only. 

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