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No More Batteries

Did you know that we only sell radio microphone systems that are fully rechargeable?
To save you money and the embarrassment of batteries that fail mid service, all of our systems are supplied with charging docks and rechargeable batteries.

The transmitter packs are simply slotted into the charger and left ready for the next use. You can then be confident that they won't let you down, and also be saving the environment and money.

If these ever need replacement we will send you a new pair free of charge for the lifetime of the system.

Our systems are designed for the slightly lower cell voltage of rechargeables so will give a predictable 10 hours plus of service between charges, unlike other brands which should only be used with alkaline batteries.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could provide your church with a rechargeable radio microphone system, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.

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