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Any system installed has to be accessible to all your users. APi Sound & Visual ensures that everyone feels confident using our systems.
APi Sound and Visual ensures that everyone feels confident using our audio-visual systems because any system installed has to be accessible to all users.

Here at APi, we do all the hard work behind the scenes to give you the simplest possible user interface for the audio-visual system we install. The great thing about the ever-expanding world of technology is that we are able to pick great products that allow us to keep the operation of the system really simple, but whilst delivering excellent audio and visual quality.

Digital equipment now has the capability to recall saved settings, and software allows for more complicated tasks to be automated behind the push of a button, opening up the field for less technically-minded people to get involved in running AV systems. This is particularly important in smaller churches and organisations, where there may only be a handful of volunteers, many with limited experience.

We have created unique solutions for each type of audio-visual installation we carry out, tailored to the level of interaction our client feels comfortable with. This is because we understand how important it is not to feel overwhelmed when operating your new system.

APi's custom live streaming control interface.

For example, our live streaming systems can be completely controlled via a simple 15 or 32-button control panel. Each button is dynamically labelled, meaning they are always showing you what they do and the state that they are in.

So, in this photo, we can clearly see which button we need to press to move the camera to look at the pulpit, or which button to press if we want to have a wide view of the building from the front camera.

If we look at the four buttons on the right-hand side, we can even control the production switcher and therefore what is being shown on the live stream; we have the option to select either camera or either of the laptop input points. Once this has been selected, you can see that the button will change colour to indicate that it is ‘on air’, as we can see with the Rear Laptop in this photo.

This means that not just the live streaming, but in fact the whole visual system can be run from this one interface, making the task much easier than when you must interact with multiple pieces of equipment at a time.

The same simplicity can be achieved with a new sound system, where the use of a digital mixer can allow for operation anywhere in the building using a tablet or iPad, with a fully customised control view for controlling levels and mute states. More than one view can be configured, allowing varying levels of access to more advanced controls depending on the competence of the operator.

You can see from this photo that the most commonly-used features have been added to buttons on the front of the mixer so that even without the iPad to control this system, basic functionality can still be achieved.

We can also set up a number of different ‘Scenes’ within a digital mixer, which will move the levels and mute states to the correct position, allowing a whole service to be set up with the push of a button.

APi has years of experience and technical expertise and we always provide the simplest way to achieve a great result, so all users can be confident operating the system.

Each church is unique and so we will design a system completely tailored to your church and style of worship. Whatever your audio-visual requirements, APi Sound & Visual can offer the solution.

Contact us today on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online for a no obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.
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