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A picture says a thousand words and many churches are using projected images to communicate the gospel.
APi Sound & Visual can design a system that accommodates even the trickiest space – be that due to its size, shape, lighting levels or historical nature.

As you want everyone in your congregation to be able to view the screen, generally it will be positioned within the nave and the projector to one side, or possibly the rear. When not in use, screens can be hidden high in the chancel arch, on a rood beam, or side wall with our unique swinging screen arm. All will be controlled by the touch of a button, so that the screen is always in the correct position.

The versatility of modern projectors allows the projector to be placed off to one side. Increasingly we use laser projectors which produce a significantly improved image and almost instant on and off. Their light output degrades at a considerably slower rate than a traditional lamp unit and need minimal maintenance. Although it is possible to ‘backproject’ onto a screen, this would place the projector within the chancel and often there is no suitable location.

Many churches are now using their projection systems to enable them to reach out into the community by holding regular film nights.

APi Sound & Visual has successfully completed many installations where much care has been taken to minimise the impact on the overall aesthetic of a church. We are proud of our bespoke solutions and will be pleased to offer our extensive experience to your church.

Contact us today on 0845 5578350 or get in touch online for a no obligation quote on your audio visual requirements.
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