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Sign of the Times

Sometimes in our industry you come across a product that you didn’t realise that you needed.
One such device is a sign that lights up to indicate that a hearing loop system installed into a meeting space (room, hall, church) is working.

Hearing loops turn an incoming audio signal from a microphone say into magnetic field that can be turned back into speech by a hearing aid with the necessary function (called a ‘T’position, hence hearing loops being referred to as ‘T’ loops by some users). This enables the person to hear directly from the speaker using the microphone and not have to hear the background noise in the room which makes intelligibility so difficult for them.

This new sign contains a loop receiver and progressively lights up a hearing loop symbol to indicate that the loop is working and broadcasting at the correct level. This is a vast improvement on a simple sticker or light up sign (just indicating that the system is switched on but no more).

For users it is a very obvious indicator of a correctly working and available system and for venue operators a confidence sign that their provision under the Human Rights Act is functioning.

It is amazing how often a faulty loop system is only pointed out to the operators after someone has missed an important event through not hearing. This handy device should give both confidence.

We can retrofit these to any loop system as they can be mounted anywhere within the area of coverage where there is a power socket. The system should have a full check and calibration during the fitting process to ensure that the sign unit is correctly indicating loop operation.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could assist your church with an induction loop indicator, or an induction loop system, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.
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