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Sound System for Plymouth Cathedral

Since 1850 The Cathedral Church of Saint Mary and Saint Boniface in Plymouth has been the seat of the Bishop of Plymouth and mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Plymouth, which covers the counties of Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.
APi Sound & Visual were asked to make improvements to the antiquated sound system.

When Father Mark, who had knowledge of APi Sound & Visual from a previous church, was appointed as Dean of the Cathedral, we were asked to make improvements to the antiquated sound system within.

We replaced all of the major components to give reproduction of great clarity, coupled with the ease of using an app based mixer which improved audio headroom and feedback performance without loss of volume or clarity. Discrete column loudspeakers in white were used to blend into the cathedral columns whilst still entirely filling the nave with audio.  As you can see from the picture, the speakers blend in well on the columns.

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