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Terms of Business

Our Terms of Business...
Quotations remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue and may be subject to review thereafter. When we receive a verbal or written acceptance of a quotation you are agreeing to these terms.

Quotes for installation work are based on unrestricted access to the required areas between the hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm on the days of installation, or other times as specifically agreed by both parties. Where access is not possible due to other works eg carpet laying or room bookings and we have not had prior notification then the whole day will be chargeable. This includes pre-booked service calls and System Health Check appointments.

Asbestos/Asbestos containing materials
You must make APi Sound & Visual aware of any asbestos containing materials in your premises if they are likely to be working in the vicinity prior to the acceptance of our quote.

If during the course of an installation we suspect the presence of any unnotified asbestos in any form, in such a location to cause a risk to health or obstructing the passage of work our engineers are instructed to cease work immediately and report the matter to a responsible person on site. Any delays caused by this interruption will be charged for on an hourly basis up to the end of that working day. Any additional travel or other expenses incurred to complete the job safely will also be chargeable.

Cancellation Policy
Where an installation or scheduled piece of work has been arranged but has to be cancelled due to the site being not available or in the right condition for installation work to take place (see next section), the following terms apply. This may also apply if the site is not available for a period of the day which makes installation uneconomical or may require a secondary visit due to insufficient time to complete a project.

Cancellation in excess of 48 hours (two working days) or more notice no charge.
Cancellation within 24 to 48 Hours notice 30% of daily labour rate charged per engineer per booked per installation day, limited to 2 days charges. Cancellation with 24 hour or less notice 50% of daily labour rate charged per day per engineer booked, limited to two days charges.

These terms apply whether the cancellation is due to other use of the venue or other contractors preventing work from taking place. As the client you are responsible for ensuring access is arranged with the venue and liaising with other contractors. You may also be charged for accommodation cancellation charges which will be passed on at cost, the cancellation terms for these are set by the provider so may require more notice than 48 hours. We will endeavour to get these deferred but if this is not possible you will be charged.

Component Supply
We may have to offer alternative components where items included in our quotation are no longer available due to supply chain issues or obsolescence. These will be carefully selected on the basis of suitability and will be discussed and agreed prior to completion.

Definition of site ready for installation
Your installation is something that has taken us and yourselves many hours to prepare for, so we are both interested in the installation going to plan and the project delivered smoothly and on time. Where we are the only contractor on site this is of course fairly easy to arrange and ensure.

However if we are installing equipment as part of a new build or refurbishment project there are a number of other parties engaged in their part of the project all trying their best to deliver what is expected on time. Usually a project manager or main contractor is engaged to co-ordinate all of the processes involved to a mapped out timescale from beginning to end. In our experience the level of co-ordination varies tremendously between projects, with usually the building tasks taking precedence over all, and generally over running for perfectly innocent reasons.

As our installation involves the fitting of delicate, dust sensitive and expensive units we cannot operate on site (except for cable installation) until the area is at least free from dusty activity such as any wet trades or carpentry. Usually this is also after floor coverings have been laid which is a good benchmark time for the start of our work. You will appreciate that we cannot fit products with optics in a dusty environment or set up a sound system properly in a noisy one and we are sure you would not wish the equipment to look marked or dusty before it is used.

Once on site the security of the equipment is your responsibility. We reserve the right to make a judgement using the definition above once on site, and you may be liable for cancellation charges as a result. So please keep in touch with us in the time leading up to a booked installation so that we can avoid this issue.

We reserve the right to request a deposit prior to booking an installation date. Deposit invoices, if issued, will be 33% of the total value of the order. When a deposit invoice is issued, we will not progress an order until this has been paid.

When a project starts with the end user as the client, and is then passed to a building contractor or other organisation (novated) from whom the works order is given, any costs previous to this will be charged to the original client for payment before the project is accepted from the main contractor.

An agreement on the terms and exact scope of the project must be re-agreed with the main contractor before an order is accepted and acted upon. This includes any retentions added by the contractor.

Payment Terms
All quotes are based on payment within 30 days of completion of work unless otherwise agreed. Late payments may be subject to interest charges in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1998.

Power Supply
Provision of power supply points for the connection of systems and equipment is the responsibility of the client, except where provided for within the scope of the quotation. For example a projector and screen would each require a local power socket.

Pre-Existing Equipment
Where existing equipment, cabling or induction loop cabling is to be reused we assume that this is in full working order and to specification, and we reserve the right to charge for repairs or renewals if this turns out not to be the case. Existing induction loop cabling is assumed to have the correct cross sectional area and impedance.

Project Management
Where a quote has been accepted and multiple changes, drawings or additional site meetings are requested by the customer, time will be billed for project management and travel, at our hourly call-out rate.

NB Our initial visit to discuss your project and quotation are free, we may offer a further meeting to progress the project or demonstrate equipment at our discretion.

Quotation Adjustments
Any revisions and variations to the specification must be agreed in writing and may be subject to additional charges.

Site Call-Outs
We supply and fit an audio visual system, we do not supply or fit the input devices for these systems, such as computers and software. Whilst we will do our best to help you resolve any problems encountered, if the source problem is to do with your input device or software, any site visits will be chargeable. This does not invalidate our warranty. We encourage customers to double-check all external problems prior to contacting us for support.

Training on the use of equipment can be provided free of charge on the day of completion. Further training can be provided for an additional charge (if not specifically included within the quotation). Telephone support is available during office hours on 0845 5578350.

Installation work is covered by our 36-month warranty. This covers cables, connections, fixings – excluding items of equipment already covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Equipment warranty does not include removal and reinstallation costs. Totally inclusive warranties are available at additional cost.

All equipment is covered by standard manufacturer’s warranties unless specified as ex-demo or ex-hire stock.

Where the cabling is installed by other contractors at the request of the client or main contractor, the warranty will be limited to the hardware components as APi Sound & Visual cannot be responsible for third party cable installation. Any performance issues due to the nature of the cable installation will not be warrantied.

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