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Upgrade For Wesleys Chapel

Web streaming and high definition widescreen for Wesleys Chapel London.

Several years ago APi Sound & Visual were chosen by Wesleys Chapel, London to upgrade their sound system and install twin camera recording system.

So when the time came to look at web streaming and upgrading the system to high definition widescreen, APi Sound & Visual were the obvious choice to approach for advice.

We have upgraded the entire camera and recording system to HD quality and also included 2 additional cameras, one with a fixed view of the pulpit and the other a wide angle shot from behind the congregation to give the feeling of being in the service.

The system also integrates vision mixing between cameras and other sources such as a PC on their network, a PowerPoint presentation or DVD playback. We moved the control location up to the gallery away from the main congregation into a custom built desk. Wesleys Chapel can now stream their services direct to the web, adding titles and captions in real time as required, such as bible verses and names of the participants.  You can watch their services HERE

The existing sound system has been replaced with a Yamaha digital unit with control via a custom interface on a wireless tablet so that only the functions necessary for day to day use are displayed. Settings for common types of services are stored and recalled in an instant. We replaced the loudspeakers with slim line array units, no larger than the previous speakers but capable of reproducing live or recorded music as well as speech. The radio microphones were upgraded to professional units with integrated charging contacts to eliminate the need to change batteries.

To discuss how APi Sound and Visual could assist your church with a web streaming system, please call us on 0845 5578350 or contact us online.

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