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Web Streaming at St Andrews

St Andrews Church in Cullompton, Devon has been a customer of ours for several years. So when the church wanted a web streaming system installed APi was their natural choice.
The system provides a two camera streaming system with integrated switcher and streamer.

The cameras are a high definition remote pan, tilt and zoom type, one which is fitted on the gallery face and the second being mounted on a pillar with a thin strap for fixing so that DAC approval was not required.

The main benefit of these cameras is that they offer exceptional image quality even in low light, a frequent issue in many churches.

The supplied joystick remote control has a number of preset memories so that commonly used shots can be quickly recalled, with the joystick allowing fine control.

A four input switcher and combined streaming unit makes the whole process of selecting a source for the projector and stream simple and removes the need for an additional computer to perform the streaming function. The illuminated controls clearly show the current source, and also allow more advanced functions such as superimposing words over images.  The unit also doubles as a recorder and will record to a USB device.

A 22" monitor shows a 4 way split of the different input sources available to the mixer.  Finally a small microphone was positioned on top of the rood screen to pick up singing and other ambient sounds just for the streaming audio.

After installation training was provided with on-going telephone support as and when needed. 

You can see the installation ‘in action’ by viewing their services here

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